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Black Dog and the Baby

When Lizzie and I had a baby, my mental health shot through the roof. From the moment my daughter and I met, holding her next to my thundering heart with…

Tristan’s Inquest

I’ve been meaning to write a second piece about Tristan’s death, but haven’t known where exactly to begin. Things have certainly moved on since the first post. I just re-read…

Tristan’s birthday

I’m glad Christmas and Hogmanay are over. I learned they were things I had to move through, that I didn’t have to enjoy them or deal with them in any…

Surviving Sibling Suicide – alliterative, and nearly impossible!

I’ve been reading a lot of online blogs by other people who’ve lost their brothers, and the thing is, I’ve found them helpful. Way more helpful than the idea of talking to a counsellor or a group of people, because when I need help it tends to be in the morning when I’ve had a nightmare or can’t sleep. I hope maybe this blog will be helpful for others, too.

Festivals - What's the Point? Blog post

Festivals – What’s the Point? BAFA

A festival is an animal – a massive, shifting, multi-headed creature, and only counting its valuable tusks can never be an adequate description of the whole.


This true story has now been performed twice. While my intention was just to make people laugh, it seems to have pushed some funny buttons. One person thought I was…


I’m writing a book right now which is about a small island in the South Pacific. In particular I’m very interested in the sense of romance which drove anthropologists, missionaries, historians, administrators for the British Empire and explorers in general to this part of the world.


This morning, which was my parent’s bed time, they skyped me to tell me they had very bad news.


I took my hard stomach in my hands, and examined my view of joggers afresh. Maybe there was a way I could run again, in the lunatic manner of my childhood, without having to wear anything silly or jog in a miserable straight line. Maybe I could run like the wind, wearing anything the hell I wanted! Maybe I didn’t even have to wear shoes!